Tuesday, December 13, 2011

15min Dec 5 Board Hearing Insult to Parent & Democratic values

Dear Sir/Madam, Please be advised that Dec. 5 hearing was a big fraud and actual hearing was for less than 15 minutes with pretending to be DEAD emotionless and expressionless Board members and Unionized FMG Principle, FMG Supervisor Mr. Michael Plias, Superintendent Michael Davino, Board Secretary Mathew Clarke all white from Rulers community or preferred community and Attorney Lord representing a big Law Firm of Poritz etc, from Rulers community.

They refused to answer any question including the one by their own student Sumit Gandhi:
“With due respect to all the Board Members, I have a question for each member. Mike said there will be a special bus taking Joshua home later and asked “Right Sumit (my first name)”. All I said was “Yeah there is” and I want you to tell me if this was bullying? Please answer with your yes or no only.

No one from the pretending to be dead racially biased individuals showed any emotions to a child and treated him like dirt simply because he is not from the majority Ruler’s or preferred community of Springfield.

The father of Sumit did intervene to ask them to reply to the question of their student but Attorney Lord said they will not answer rather than pretending to be dead Board Members saying any thing.

Then the Father told her it should be part of the record that they have refused to answer this question.

Fortunately by mistake they allowed two witness Mr. Ram Aggarwal and 16 years old sister of Sumit to attend the meeting and they took some notes as well as the Sister drew some faces also with their expression of contempt and racial apathy when Sumit and his father read out their written statements.

Guest Ram Aggarwal wanted to ask them 1 question even that was refused by Attorney Lord and Board President.

Please note since there was no translator Father read the statement of  Sumit's Mother also.

The biggest fraud, the Father came to know on December 6, 2011 when he called the Board for the Transcript of the meeting; that they have not recorded the meeting. This is a fraud by Attorney Lord/Board to save the unionized Board members and Educators from being exposed how they behaved in Sham Confidential Hearings worse then Dictators of rouge countries.

On December 7, 2011 at 1.20 PM the parents received a fax that all white unionized Board Members have unanimously determined that the finding of HIB and the discipline and services were appropriate and correct.

Mr. Ram Aggarwal & Sister of Sumit are willing to go on camera to describe how the Board members have acted in this Hearing.

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