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Jewish Media Terrorizing 12yr old Hindu for Demanding Racial Equality with Jews & Christians of his town


Jewish advocacy groups like American Jewish Committee (AJC), Anti-Defamation League (ADL), other Jewish organizations along with Jewish Media and Jewish controlled main stream US Print & TV Media etc. brand people as racists or anti-Semites if they dare "to venture outside the narrow corral in which they seek to confine debate." They seek to silence and censor dissent while proclaiming devotion to the First Amendment.

This is exactly what is being done to a 12year old Hindu who dared to demand Racial Equality with Jews & Christians of his town and changes in State Anti-Bullying Laws from Governor Christie of New Jersey in a Public Meeting on Dec. 21, 2011. Jewish Media & organizations are terrorizing, discriminating, defaming and violating the Civil and Constitutional Rights of this 12yr old for demanding Racial Equality with Jews & Christians of his town and changes in anti-Bullying Policy of the state.

ONE NEWSPAPER New Jersey Jewish News alone has done 3 articles in the same day with provocative Titles for this 12yr old. 2 BY EDITOR & 1 BY HIS REPORTER.

“The New Jersey media especially the Jewish media was reprehensible. They were disappointing. It is reprehensible that those kinds of personal and crude attacks could be leveled at someone like this young 12 year old Middle school student who was simply expressing his opinion on a matter of public policy and doing it with a great deal of poise.”

“He was respectful, sincere, and spoke with conviction with Governor Christie. He provided a model of civil discourse,” “And yet, some of those who disagreed with his position – especially the Jewish Media and commentators throughout the blogosphere – responded with behavior that can only be described as misogynistic, vitriolic, and a misrepresentation of the position of this student on the issue of racial equality and changes in the existing Anti-Bullying Laws.”
Please also note that Historically ancient people (Hebrews, Buddhists, Hindus, and converted Muslims as well as Christians) are Semites and Zionists are Non-Semites. Thus this evil racism against this very bright and articulate boy is nothing but real Anti-Semitism by some Non-Semites of USA, "The Land of the Free and Home of The Braves".

More over Anti-Semitism is a European-made racism and there is no historical, geographical or cultural context of it in India. An Indian bears no baggage of anti-Semitism. Period.
At Christie town hall, the boy who cried ‘Jews’
Student’s dad defends remarks to governor: ‘I am not a hater’
by Robert Wiener NJJN Staff Writer

By the time it was over, the boy had complained of “Jewish” control of Springfield and its school board, Christie appeared flustered, and the boy’s father emerged as a political gadfly with a penchant for singling out Jews for criticism.

Andrew January 01, 2012: Rest assured that if THIS Springfield resident had been in the audience Gandhi and his son would have left that little reception wishing they had never been born. Anti-semitism is unforgivable. (TERRORIST THREATS)

Bob (Reporter Weiner himself) January 03, 2012: (TERRORIST THREATS) I go to your son’s school, i rather not be named, and i am quite offended by your anti-semetic and quite racial abuse towards Jews. Based on your comments, i would think that you caused him to do this, and make this speech. If anyone is the bully it is you and your son with your anti-Semitic remarks.
Good luck getting into Harvard now!
Your friend The jew
(Because of this Terrorist threat our son has to take a day off from the school on January 6, 2012 and missed the opportunity to meet Clara Kramer, Holocaust survivor and author of Clara’s War: One Girl’s Story of Survival who came to speak to his class on that day)

Andrew Silow-Carroll

What the hell? I suppose the proper response to the kid would have been, “Let me stop you right there, son — you insult this forum, my office, and me personally when you try to pit one ethnic group against another.” But I’ll give Christie some leeway — who expects to call on a kid and a get an anti-Semitic tirade, unless that kid is Eric Cartman?

South Park - Eric Cartman doesn't like the Jews
Voz Is Nias?”
(Yiddish for “What’s news)     
Spotswood, NJ - 12 Year Old To NJ Gov: Jews Control My City (video)

Spotswood, NJ - A 12 year old New Jersey boy who feels he is being discriminated against because of his religion raised eyebrows today at a town hall meeting with Governor Chris Christie in central New Jersey, when he made anti Semitic remarks about his home town of Springfield, New Jersey.”
December 21, 2011
“What is most troubling about this story (apart from the obvious) is Chris Christie's silence in response to this vile declaration of Jew-hatred by a twelve-year-old boy. Chris Christie said nothing when confronted by blatant Jew-hatred.”
According to Katz’s Twitter feed, Governor Christie did address some of the boy’s comments, but not the portion that related to Springfield’s Jewish community and Katz further tweeted that the police chief told the boy that “he was very well spoken”.

Andrew Silow-Carroll
It turns out that the boy’s father, Rajendra Gandhi, is a political gadfly in Springfield who runs number of blogs, including which details his legal disputes with various Springfield developers, including members of the Wilf family, who are prominent Jewish philanthropists. Something about stopping a construction project near Wilson Road. 
Christie attacks unpaid sick days during Spotswood town hall meeting 
Plans legislation to eliminate towns' liability
, Dec. 21, 2011

 “Christie addressed a final question from 12-year-old boy from Springfield who described a personal scenario in which he was accused of bullying. Then the boy made some anti-Semitic remarks about how the Jewish community controls his school board and town.”
Gov. Christie fields variety of questions at 'most unusual' town hall in Spotswood

Jenna Portnoy
For his last question, Christie called on Surya Makka, a student at the Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School in Springfield, who calmly explained how the "Jewish community that controls the township of Springfield and its school board" unfairly targeted him under the state’s Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying law.
Gov. Christie gets some unusual requests at town hall event in Spotswood
BETH DeFALCO Associated Press

The boy went on to ask the governor to decide if he really bullied another student, but Christie's amusement was visibly lessened when the boy went on to suggest he was singled out by the Jewish community that he said controls his town and school board.
By lacing their story with Anti-Semitism and ignoring the main issues no Reporter has any honesty all of them has indulged in Yellow Journalism except Ms. STEPHANIE MUSAT of Springfield Patch News who has done some justice to the story under a title:

Springfield Student Demands Gov. Christie to Change Bullying Law
Boy says he was accused of bullying a Jewish student because he was Hindu. 

Sumit said a fellow classmate named Mike was talking to Joshua when he brought Makkar into the conversation.

"Mike said there will be a special bus taking Joshua home later and asked “Right Sumit” Sumit is my first name”. All I said was “Yeah there is” and I walked away from the scene," he told the governor.

Christie said the boy didn't punch anyone, so no - it's not bullying. 

But according to the testimony, the boy was punished in what he called an incident of racial inequality. He had to write that he was a bully, he said.

"Just because (Mike) is Christian he has not done bullying and myself being a Hindu has done bullying by saying 'Yeah there is' to Joshua from Jewish community."

He continued: "Since November 17 I am scared to go to school and I could not sleep at night Just because I am a Hindu and I am different than the majority Jews and Christians of my town; I can be accused of things which I may not have committed. I am not an adult and do not understand legal matters. My humble request to the Governor is please protect my rights for being a Hindu."

Andrew Silow-Carrol, Editor of New Jersey Jewish News who is the only one who has read the Investigation Report of Supervisor Michael Plias before doing this story has also laced his story with anti-Semitism. I am very surprised with his writing may be unconsciously or by mistake he is writing truth that “The blog (bullyingbyeducators) also includes what appears to be the Springfield Public Schools’ official report on the alleged bullying incident. If authentic, it sounds like someone’s anti-bullying radar was tuned way too high — the kids appear to be ribbing each other (ranking out was the term of art in 1974) in a fairly innocuous way;”

The Jewish News Papers, Blogs & Reporters have given provocative head lines to their news along with misrepresenting facts rather have put complete lies related to 12 yrs old Hindu who wants Racial Equality with Christians & Jews of his town and changes in the current anti-Bullying policy that can benefit all the students besides minority students. The proposed changes can plug the loop holes where unionized Educators supported by puppet incompetent Board Members can not influence or change the out come of the investigations related to an incident of bullying reported to a School. They can not favor one student over the other student to racially discriminate students especially from minority community.

Editor in Chief of New Jersey Jewish News Andrew Sillow-Carroll has done 2 stories on the same day by misrepresenting old incidents in which leaders of Jewish community has indulged in frauds and illegal activities. Another twisted racially biased story has been done by his reporter Robert Weiner. So the New Jersey Jewish News has done 3 stories on the same subject on the same day. On top of that all the 3 stories are highly opinionated laced with BS bogey of anti-Semitism and twisted old stories packed with lies that has nothing to do with demands of the 12 yr old FMG student for Racial Equality and changes in Bullying Policy. Still they chose to report their hate filled garbage rather then FMG School Student's very just demands for Racial Equality and changes in Bullying Policy to intentionally flare up communal hatred to disturb communal harmony and peace of Springfield township and the state of New Jersey.

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