Tuesday, December 13, 2011


1.      I was never contacted on October 17 or 19 and neither I have ever exchanged any e-mails  on this matter as misrepresented by Counsel Lord & Mr. Plias. Mr. Plias has claimed he spoke to me on both occasions on December 5, confidential Hearing is a big lie.
2.      First time I spoke to  Mr. Plias when he called me on Oct. 24, 2011 around 11-11:30 AM on my cell phone and started talking about the incident of October 15, 2011 . He told me that Mike told Joshua that he would have to go on a special bus later. Then he said that when Mike asked Sumit (my son) if Joshua will go on a special bus, Sumit said yes. Then Mr. Plias started explaining how this is bullying. I interrupted him and said this is unbelievable, what my son said is not bullying. I told him that Sumit would never bully anyone and that he is very quiet and sweet. I told him that even all the teachers in the school tell me that Sumit is a great kid; he is quiet, calm, sweet, and nice to everyone. When I said all of this, Mr. Plias told me in an intimidating and threatening tone that he can take this matter to the School Board. Then I became quiet and let him finish what he has to say. Then he retold me about the incident and said I cannot tell you the names of other Students. I cut him off and said did I ask you for the Student’s name?  In the end Mr. Plias said he is very happy Sumit has told him the truth. He will not take this matter to the School Board from his side the case is closed, Sumit will get one day detention only.  Then I asked if I can meet him and talk about this, but the time and date he was giving me were not convenient for me. Then I just said that since he’s not taking this matter to the School Board, it won’t be very important to meet him right now and I will meet him some other time.
3.      On October 24, 2011 Mr. Plias never told me that he has taken any written from my son Sumit on Oct. 19, 2011.
4.      In the evening of October 24 I did talk to my son and he narrated the whole incident and told me he only said “Yeah there is” to the comment made by Mike that “there was a special Bus taking Student 1 home later.” After saying “Yeah there is” he immediately walked away from there to join his Band. Then he asked me do I think “Yeah there is” spoken by him is bullying? I told him I don’t want to get into any discussion and I am very upset this is the first time in 8 years some one has complained in the school for his behavior and his father is going to be very upset. That day Sumit never told me that Mr. Plias has taken a written statement from him and has changed his side of the story.
5.      On November 17, 2011 I came to know from my husband that the above incident was referred to the School Board and our son has admitted that when he realized this was bullying he stopped and left to join his other friends. It took us almost 2 days to know that the written statement made by our son Sumit on Oct. 19  was dictated by Mr. Plias under intimidation and creating fear in his mind.
Mother of Sumit

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