Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Statement of Plias to Board on December 5, 2011

Statement of Mr Plias at Dec 5 Board Hearing (No official recording notes taken by a family friend & Sumit's sister)
1.  Band Teacher Mr. Laura sent him (Supervisor Plias) an email, he immediately sent it to Principle Keilty telling him about the incident that occurred at the football game (someone else told Laura and it was his duty to tell Plias and Keilty about what happened at the game).
2.  Email said the incident allegedly involved 2 boys harassing a boy.
3.  Bonnie Loew & Virginia Olive FMG Anti-Bullying Specialists were made in charge of investigating the case on Oct. 17, 2011.
4.  Virginia Olive was asked to spearhead the investigations.
5.  Plias contacted all the parents of the kids involved in the incident on October 17th
6.  Full investigation started on October 19th, Virginia Olive was absent so Bonnie Loew took over (Principle Keilty appointed Loew)
7.  Sumit admitted that there was wrong doing and admitted to bullying on Oct. 19
8.  I (Plias) sent a series of emails to all the parents involved and kept them updated on what was happening throughout the whole thing.
9.  I (Plias) spoke to Mother of Sumit on October 17 then on  19 after that there are series of e-mails exchanged back and forth with her and I spoke to her again on October 24, 2011. I explained her every thing that Sumit will be given 1 Day Detention and counseling.
10.  Letter of detention was sent on October 26th and Mother signed the same.
11.  Sumit brought the signed letter and gave it to Plias
12.  On Oct. 27th Sumit served the Detention and he was given counseling.

Sumit was never given any counseling as claimed by Mr. Plias.
Plias never spoke to Mother of Sumit on October 17 or 19 over the phone and never sent any e-mail on her official e-mail address since 1999 ........111@yahoo.com and the same is in School Records. She has never exchanged any e-mails with Mr. Plias on this matter. Mr. Plias never called Sumit's Father's cell or  home or work phone to inform him of the incident. The only time he called Sumit's Mother was October 24 on her cell phone & his Father on his cell phone on Nov. 22, 2011.

Bullying Specialist Virginia Olive or Bonnie Loew and Principle Kielty never asked Sumit any thing about the incident and never met him alone in person or in the presence of some one else to discuss the incident of October 15, 2011.

It was only Mr. Plias who alone illegally interogated Surya about the incident on October 19 and no one else was present in his room. That day Plias intimidated, bullied and terrorized Surya to include his suggestions of "funny and cool" and "when I realized it is bullying I walked away to join my other friends" on the Incident Report Form.

On October 26 Plias called Sumit along with Mike and 5-6 more students of Grade 7 who were supposed to get Detention and handed them a letter to be signed by there parents. On Oct. 27 the day Sumit got detention there were around 20-24 students serving detention from 6th, 7th and 8th Grades.

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