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Stephanie Musat:Student Demands Gov. Christie to Change Bullying Law Springfield Patch News

Springfield Student Demands Gov. Christie to Change Bullying Law

Boy says he was accused of bullying a Jewish student because he was Hindu
ByStephanie Musat                        Email the author                               December 27, 2011

A 12-year old Springfield boy was given the microphone at the Nov. 24 town hall meeting in Spotswood, N.J. to ask Gov. Chris Christie a question.

No one expected what happened next.

Sumit Gandhi, a seventh grader from Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School, regaled Christie with a tale of alleged bullying, where he said he was accused of bullying because he was Hindu and the alleged victim"is from the Jewish community that controls the township of Springfield and its school board."

He said he skipped school that day to ask the governor whether an incident where he exchanged words with a Jewish boy named Joshua after school would be considered bullying.

Sumit said a fellow classmate named Mike was talking to Joshua when he brought  Sumit into the conversation.

"Mike said there will be a special bus taking Joshua home later and asked “Right Sumit” Sumit is my first name”. All I said was Yeah there is” and I walked away from the scene," he told the governor.

Christie said the boy didn't punch anyone, so no - it's not bullying.
But according to the testimony, the boy was punished in what he called an incident of racial inequality. He had to write that he was a bully, he said.

"Just because (Mike) is Christian he has not done bullying and myself being a Hindu has done bullying by saying 'Yeah there is' to Joshua from Jewish community."

He continued: "Since November 17 I am scared to go to school and I could not sleep at night Just because I am a Hindu and I am different than the majority Jews and Christians of my town; I can be accused of things which I may not have committed. I am not an adult and do not understand legal matters. My humble request to the Governor is please protect my rights for being a Hindu."

Christie did not address the religion issue while responding to Makkar.

To prevent further incidents like this, Sumit requested the following changes be made to the state-wide bullying policy to protect minorities.
1.    They must make age appropriate changes to the HIB policy that has been enforced without due consideration of its repercussions in Elementary and Middle Schools especially to stop its misuse against minorities.

2.    Every Child must have Miranda Rights that they can not be interrogated in the absence of their parent or attorneys.

3.   3. The parent must be informed of the incident in writing by Courier as well as other means of communication. Let it be mandatory that the parent of the accused student must contact in person with in 3 School Days of the incident.
4.    The investigator must wait for the response of the parent of the involved student in person before interrogating or asking any thing to that Student.

5.    5.  The parent must be provided with the preliminary investigation report before it is presented to the Board of Education.
Christie's office had yet to respond to the request.

"This was one of the most unusual town hall meetings I've ever had," Christie said. "The press who comes to all these things, they start to get bored because I often get a lot of the same questions. I do not want to hear from you [reporters] standing in the back that you were bored today," he told Philly.com

Ms. Stephanie Musat is the only Reporter in New Jersey who has done some justice to the story by reporting as it happened not like other Reporter namely Gene Racz, Robert Weiner, Matt Katz, Andrew Silow-Carroll, Beth DeFalco, Jenna Portnoy etc. who have made  off the cuffs remarks against a 12yrs old  without reading the entire contents of the documents received from the school and answers of this 12yrs old and his mother. Even the flier given to Media carry demand to revise HIB/Bullying Laws and links to the documents received from the School. Still all of them has preferred to lace their highly opinionated stories with BS of antisemitism and some have clubbed their stories with twisted old stories by misrepresenting the facts to cover up wrongdoing done by Springfield Rulers and a thug Ziggi Wilf posing as philanthropist. These Reporters are flaming communal hatred against this 12yr old Hindu student to disturb communal harmony and peace of Springfield twp and state of New Jersey.

Andrew Silow-Carrol, Editor of New Jersey Jewish News is the only one who has read the Investigation Report of Supervisor Michael Plias before doing his story  laced with BS bogey of antisemitism and twisted narration of old events that has nothing to do with the current issue. I am very surprised with his writing; may be unconsciously or by mistake or unknowingly he is writing the truth that “The blog (bullyingbyeducators) also includes what appears to be the Springfield Public Schools’ official report on the alleged bullying incident. If authentic, it sounds like someone’s anti-bullying radar was tuned way too high — the kids appear to be ribbing each other (ranking out was the term of art in 1974) in a fairly innocuous way;”

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