Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sumit’s reply to Boards Report of Bullying of Nov. 07 Given to BOARD on Dec. 5, 2011

After carefully reading the letter from the Board my reply to : 
Complaint by Parent of Student 1
  1. “ Parent of Joshua alleged that Mike and Sumit were within inches of student 1’s ear clapping and saying “hey Joshua” is a lie I never yelled or clapped or said the name of  Student 1. It was Student 2 who called the name of Student 1. More over we were standing in a kind of a semi circle I was on the right side of Student 2 and Student 1 was on his left side. I was holding my Saxophone, Student 2 was holding his Saxophone and Student 1 was holding his Sticks so no one was within inches of any one’s ear. Then we were surrounded by other students also and some parents were sitting on the bleachers.
  2. “Later when Joshua asked to go home the same boys told him he couldn’t go home on the bus with them; he would have to wait for a special bus that would take him home at midnight.” Again it’s a lie I don’t know about this conversation.  I am hearing this for the first time unnecessarily my name is being dragged for this comment. I am not at all aware if Joshua and Mike had this conversation. 
Factual Findings of Anti-Bullying Specialist: 
  1. “He would be on a “different/special” bus that would be returning “later” than the other FMG band members” There is an addition of extra words by Joshua or may be by his parent or some one else. In my presence the word Different, Returning and FMG band members were not used.
  2. “Sumit admitted that he went along with the comment because he thought it was funny and cool”. I never admitted to this, the words “funny and cool” Mr. Plias forced me to write on the incident report form on Oct. 19, 2011. I never said these words so the question of my admitting that comment by Mike was funny and cool does not arise. The only thing I told Mr. Plias was that it was just a joke by Mike.  
  3. “when he (Sumit) realized he was bullying, he stopped, moved away and joined his other friends”. This is a complete lie. No such realization came to my mind on Oct. 15. There was no time for me to realize any thing after saying “Yeah there is” because I immediately walked away from Student 1 and Student 2 to join my Band.  It was Mr. Plias who told me on Oct. 19 that “Yeah there is” spoken by me is bullying. Till to date I am confused how this is bullying. Mr. Plias told me I have done bullying. He forced me to write in the Incident Report Form that I have done bullying and after realizing I stopped and walked away. It is his own interpretation of my word “Yeah there is” to frame me for bullying. The fact is I left the scene immediately after saying “Yeah there is” to the statement of Mike that there was a special Bus taking Joshua Home later”.
Sumit’s Statement to Mr. Plias on 10-19-11
I was sitting in my class for 8th period when my teacher Mrs. Leonard got a call around 1.40 PM that Mr. Plias wants to see me in his office.   Initially I waited in the office of Mr. Plias. Finally I met him he asked me what happened on Saturday with Joshua tell me the story. I told Mr. Plias that I was standing with Joshua and Mike on the side lines waiting to go on the field to play. Mike called Joshua's name and said there was a special Bus taking Joshua home later. Then he said “Right Sumit” I said “Yeah there is” and I walked away from them to join my band. 

Then Mr. Plais said you know that’s bullying why did you do it?  Then I said it was just a joke by Mike. Then Mr. Plias said first of all it was bullying and more over when you are joking you are trying to be cool or funny. Then he opened the door and gave me an Incident Report Form and told me go and sit out side and write when it happened, where it happened and what happened. Further Mr. Plias told me that I must include that I stopped when I realize it is bullying and I think Mike made the comments to be  funny and I was also trying to be funny and cool.

Under Fear of Mr. Plias I wrote in the Incident Report Form what he told me to write:
I am a member of the Band and so is Joshua. On Oct. 15 at Union High School for Dayton’s football game Mike said that there was a special Bus taking Joshua Home later and I just said "yeah there is" going on with what Mike said. At first I did not realize that this was bullying so when I did I stopped and just left and went to my other friends. I think Student 2 made these comments just to be funny. I went along with it because I thought it would be funny and cool. Mr. Plias or some one else has put quotation mark on the word “cool” I never put those quotation marks on the original Incident Report Form. 

Joshua & Mike are not my close friends, I do not socialize with them at all even on Oct. 15th when this incident happened I stayed with them 2-3 minutes only. With Joshua I only have Spanish class in common and with Mike I have Band & Spanish as common classes.

Sumit Gandhi
FMG School Springfield
(Grade 7th )  Dec. 5, 2011
Read the statement in the Confidential Hearing & provided the copy to the Board Attorney.

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