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Board, Educators & Attorney Denied every information requested

If your child has been bullied or intimidated or racially discriminated by another child, you do have a recourse and can hope for justice.

If your child is bullied, intimidated and racially discriminated by an Educator especially under a Board with Leaders who are chosen people of the God you have no hope for justice. The Unionized Educators and School Boards they are a Mob in itself protected by most expansive Attorneys with your money(tax payers money) to fight with you to stone wall every avenue from where you can get justice for your child.

Nov. 25, 2011
Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC              Mr. Michael A. Davino,
100 Southgate Parkway                                  Superintendent Springfield Schools
Morristown, NJ 07962                                    139 Mountain Ave.
Fax: 973 538 5146                                         Springfield, NJ 07081 (Fax: 973 376 5539)

Re:       FMG 0015 Date of alleged incident Oct. 15, 2011
Your letter Dated 11-8-11 Received on 11-17-11
            Request for additional information related to this incident

Dear Mr. Davino/ Counsel Lord
The following legitimate information/discoveries requested to Superintendent Davino and Counsel were refused with no apparent reason than to do information discrimination besides doing Racial Discrimination.
1. When was the last time before the above alleged incident of 10-15-11 HIB policy in detail discussed including consequences of its violations and expected behavior from each student of Grade 7th students. How long was the session, who was the instructor and what was his/her qualifications in relation to be a HIB Counselor or Instructor.
2.  In what capacity Mr. Plias in relation to HIB policy interrogated Sumit on 10-19-11 .
3.  Please provide qualifications of Mr. Plias in order for him to interrogate a student under a HIB incident. Please indicate if Mr. Plias is a qualified Guidance counselor or school psychologist or he has special training to be an Anti-Bullying Specialist.
4.  If Mr. Plias is a Anti-Bullying Specialist where and when he took such training. What was the duration of that course and who was his instructor.
5.  What was the reason designated School Anti-Bullying Counselors Bonnie Loew and  Virginia Olive were not assigned the task to interrogate Sumit.
6.  Who took the decision to appoint Mr. Plias to interrogate Sumit.
 Discovery Denied page 1
  1. How many officials were involved in the investigation of the above alleged incident of 10-15-11 . Their names, qualifications and experience in relation to HIB policy requirements to be an Anti-Bullying Counselor or Investigators.
    8.   Who interrogated Student 1 & 2 and when, their names qualifications and experience in
            relation   to HIB policy requirements to be an Anti-Bullying Counselor or Investigators.
9.  Was the parents of Students 1 & 2 informed before they were interrogated for the above alleged incident. If yes when they were informed and who informed them.
10. Was the District Anti-Bullying Coordinator Ellyn Atherton involved in the investigations. If    
       yes at what stage she got involved and did she provided any guidance to the investigating  
       team   members.
11. When the above incident was reported verbally and by whom: school employee or parent or
       Board of education member or parent/guardian of the alleged victim. We are not interested in
       their name or names.
12. What was the reason Student 3’s parents were not notified of the incident in timely manner as
       per HIB rules and guidelines.
13. Why Mr. Plias interrogated Student 3 on 10-19-11 without informing his parents of the alleged
       incident. He informed them on 10-24-11
14. Why Mr. Plias made a statement on 10-24-11 to the Mother of Student 3 that the above matter will not be reported to the School Board and from his side this is a close matter. He will punish Student 3 with a detention. As a matter of fact Student 3 got a detention on 10-27-11 .
 Dear Ms. Raquel Lord:
1.     Copy of the original Complaint filed by parent of Joshua.
2.     Copy of Incident Report Form filed by Joshua
3.     Copy of Incident Report Form filed by Mike
4.     Copy of Incident Report Form filed by Sumit on 10-19-11 with Mr. Plias
5.     Copy of investigation report filed by Anti-Bullying Specialists Virginia Olive and Bonnie Lowe since the Counsel has written in her letter of 11-29-11 they were assisted by Mr. Plias.
6.     When Mr. Plias was appointed to FMG School Safety Team records of the meeting. (as per the Counsel he is on this Team)
Discovery Denied page 2
DECEMBER 1, 2011 TO COUNSEL LORD (EVENING) after receiving her reply she will not provide any information
So please send explanation to the following prior to the close of business tomorrow, December 2, 2011:
1.  Why HIB Law of reporting the incident to the parents of student involved in an incident of  School Day 1 was not complied with by the Board? The alleged incident of so called bullying as per a racist investigator Mr. Plias took place on 10-15-11 and we were informed by him only on 10-24-11 which is School Day 6.
2.  Why our son was illegally interrogated on 10-19-11 by Mr. Plias without informing us of the incident of 10-15-11 which is a clear violation of HIB Rules.  We were informed only on 10-24-11 of this incident.
3.  Why the findings of the Board dated 11-07-11 were sent to us late. We got the information on 11-17-11 again it is a violation of HIB Rule that requires that parents of a student who is a party to investigation receive information about the investigation within five (5) days after the results are reported to the Board. We received the report in 9 days. (Even it is printed on top of the report dated Nov. 7, 2011 provided to us that This report is to be provided to the parent/guardian within 5 days after the results of a bullying investigation as reported to the Board of Education. (WE GOT IT IN 9 DAYS)
4.  Provide us the proof from the Telephone Company that Mr. Plias called my wife on 10-17-11 to report the incident of 10-15-11. AND record of any e-mail sent on 10-17-11.

Rajendra Gandhi (Father of Sumit)

Attorney Ms Raquel Lord reply by Fax 12-01-11
Consistent with the requirements of the HIB Law, you are provided with a report regarding the investigation, which includes factual findings of the Anti-Bullying Specialist, a statement that HIB was found to have occurred , and a statement regarding the discipline imposed. The Board complied with its legal obligations as set forth in the statue. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE YOU ANY OTHER INFORMATION.

Initially Ms Lord  even refused to provide the copy of the written statement of Sumit taken by Mr. Plias by intimidating, bullying and terrorizing him. Then they provided it on December 30 and according to the Sumit Mr. Plias or some one else has put quotation mark on the word “cool” he never put those quotation marks on the original Incident Report Form.
Discovery Denied page 3

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